The posts here are about me, Adrian. These are the only places on the website where I write in the first person or put forward my own opinions. The website is for stories and the themes behind them.

  • About Adrian – spy thriller author
    As well as the growing set of flash fiction here, I write topical spy thrillers. The style is a combination of the Le Carré tradition, Robert Harris’s exploration of history (except I’m exploring modern intelligence practices), and adventure.
  • Adrian Cowderoy CITP MBCS MSc – career history
    I am a Chartered IT Professional who specialises in innovation in online behaviour, and how to help people change to make the most of it. This is my career history, in brief.
  • About Adrian: The era of landscape photography
    During the research period of my career I had a burning desire to be creative. Some of that went into writing novels, but I never managing to get it right. Another part was landscape photography.
  • About Adrian: the era of urban photography
    From 1979-1982 I spent my weekends documenting the depressed areas of the east end of London and Stoke-on-Trent.