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Stories and ideas, exploring the challenges and ethics of the intelligence sector, and how we can learn from it.

While writing my novels, I peered through the secret windows of the intelligence profession to understand the experts behind today’s operations. I discovered young professionals, struggling to cope with a dangerously changing world, and searching for hope. There are stories here to help them.

I also found ideas that can be reused in commercial projects, to help handle complexity and unknowns.

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Featured themes

Take pride in professionalism,
for any discipline

  • Work to high standards
  • Commit to continual learning
  • Help others to achieve their dreams
Florence reminds me of being a Chartered IT Professional

Use intelligence-led project management
to control projects with extreme risk

  • Build an effective team
  • Manage unknown unknowns
  • Protect the business

Look at the impact of secret intelligence,
and how to provide a duty of care

  • Watch for innocents touched by your activities
  • Be wary of the impact of extreme secrecy
  • Continually build on public trust

About Adrian Cowderoy

I am entirely independent of the intelligence services, and always have been.

My fiction writing is inspired by the struggle of young professionals to make a better world.

My application of intelligence techniques to project risk management, is to help us cope with extreme challenges.

— Adrian Cowderoy, story-teller, innovator and Chartered IT Professional
Death Valley, Landscapes on this website are from Adrian Cowderoy
Desert landscapes, from Death Valley, USA. Photographer: Adrian Cowderoy

Story topics

Bias Cleverness Confidence Despair Failures Fear Hope Individuality Keeping up Leadership Morality Overload Recognition Sanity Self-discovery