Stories and ideas, exploring the challenges and ethics of the intelligence sector, and how we can learn from it.

Adrian Cowderoy, on a sofa, and talking about mental health

While writing my novels, I peered through the secret windows of the intelligence profession to understand the experts behind today’s operations. I discovered young professionals, struggling to cope with a dangerously changing world, and searching for hope. There are stories here to help them.

I also found ideas that can be reused in commercial projects, to help handle complexity and unknowns.



Story topics

Bias Cleverness Confidence Despair Failures Fear Hope Individuality Keeping up Leadership Morality Overload Recognition Sanity

About Adrian Cowderoy

I am entirely independent of the intelligence services, and always have been.

“My fiction writing is inspired by the struggle of young professionals to make a better world.”

“My application of intelligence techniques to project risk management, is to help us cope with extreme uncertainty.”

Adrian Cowderoy, story-teller, innovator and Chartered IT Professional
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