Stories and commentary on hope, youthful challenges and the intelligence profession.



Florence reminds me of being a Chartered IT Professional

Taking pride in professionalism,
for any discipline

Looking at the implications of group think (tunnel vision) and how to avoid it.

Exploring the roles in the intelligence profession, the challenges they face and the things that could improve

Looking at the impact of secret intelligence,
and how to provide a duty of care

About Adrian Cowderoy

Adrian Cowderoy is entirely independent of the intelligence services.
His writing is inspired by the struggle of young professionals to make a better world.

“Studying the world of secret intelligence has revealed truths about all of us: our weaknesses and fears, and our hidden talents.”

Adrian Cowderoy, story-teller, innovator and Chartered IT Professional

Story topics

Bias Confidence Despair Failures Fear Hope Individuality Keeping up Morality Overload Recognition Sanity Smart