Hidden Beyond Detection is a spy thriller set in 2014. It follows Akila Sinclair, a young intelligence analyst who must become what she hates most in order to prove herself.

The Story

Akila Sinclair wants to be an SIS intelligence officer instead of a junior analyst, but her moralistic attitude has made her enemies. She is given the case of an enigmatic young woman who hides secrets using psychological tricks. It looks like a safe office task. Nobody anticipates it could become an international incident threatening the lives of hundreds of people. They have also failed to see Akila’s unique talent.

The novel stretches from London to Provence, Syria and Rome. Akila’s investigation illustrates the unique mindset of modern intelligence workers.

The seasoned surveillance lead stretched his feet out and pointed provocatively at Akila. ‘Tell us, what do we do? Whatever you chose, your precious “duty of care” is going to be compromised.’

Rome street
Half the novel is set in Rome

The Foreign Secretary laughed at the claim the entire operation was being run by a junior analyst on a training exercise.

Akila’s department head glared back. ‘I never joke about my work,’ he said. ‘My staff’s capabilities should not be underestimated.’


The author is seeking representation (a literary agent).

An earlier version of this spy thriller came fourth in the 2019 First Novel Prize.