Bronica PG 100mm lens for GS-1 – sample pictures

These pictures were all taken with my Bronica PG 100mm Zenzanon f3.5 lens on a Bronica GS-1.

The 100 mm lens f3.5 has half-stop increments down to f22, and uses a 72 mm filter. It focuses to 0.75 metres. There is a rubber lens hood for it which conveniently folds flat, or use the heavier bellows hood. The lens works well with the 2x extender and with close-up lenses.

Parko Abruzzo, in central Italy. Bronica PG 100mm lens at f22, on Fujichrome RVP

Above, trees to the north of Parko Abruzzo Tripod mounted. Below, detail from the centre of the photograph.

Below, from the North of Parco Abruzzo. Again, stopped down to f22 on the Bronica PG 100mm lens. Agfachrome RS50.

Detail from bottom left

The above pictures were all taken with a Bronica PG 100mm lens. The film was scanned with an Epson V700 Photo at 48-bit colour depth using SilverFast SE software. The pictures were then tidied for the web using Photoshop CS3, reducing the image to 24-bit colours.