Bronica GS-1 150 mm – sample pictures

The Bronica GS-1 150mm f4 has excellent glass even into the corners, suitable for landscape, portrait and macro (with close-up lenses or an extension tube). It has half-stop increments down to f22, and uses a 72 mm filter.

The pictures below were all taken with a Zenzanon Bronica PG 150 mm f4 lens on my GS-1.

Near Castelnuova di Graf, Italy – Fuji RVP, exposure, 150mm at f16, 1/4 sec, 4 Nov 1991

Below, detail from bottom right of the photograph.

Bottom right corner

Below, 150mm at f11, on Fujichrome RVP 50 ASA. Tripod mounted. Trimmed top and bottom.

Palata, south-west of Termoli, Italy – Oct 1990, Fuji RVP
Bottom left corner

The lens’s minimum focussing range is 1.5 metres – you need a 0.5 dioptre close-up lens for close portraits (available from manufacturers like Hoya and B&W). There is a rubber lens hood for it which conveniently folds flat, or use the heavier bellows hood.

With close-up lens 0.5, Fuji RS100

The above pictures were all taken with a Bronica 150 mm PG lens. The film was scanned with an Epson V700 Photo at 48-bit colour depth using SilverFast SE software. The pictures were then tidied for the web using Photoshop CS3, reducing the image to 24-bit colours.